EpiPen and Anaphylactic Shock Training

EpiPen and Anaphylactic Shock

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To train participants to respond to anaphylactic shock.

• To be able to recognise anaphylaxis shock
• To review the recommended guidelines
• To be able to correctly position the patient
• To be able to use the auto injector pen
• To review actions following an allergic episode

EpiPen and Anaphylactic ShockStaff who must respond to anaphylaxis shock.

• NICE recommendations for adults and young people
• Idiopathic anaphylactic reaction
• Five primary types of triggers for anaphylaxis
• 12 symptoms may occur when exposed to an allergen
• Essential records
• Drug Safety Update. May 2014
• Correct use an adrenaline auto-injector
• 3 common types of adrenaline auto-injector
• Factors to be considered for the risk of a severe reaction
• The UK resuscitation council guidelines 2015
• Revision
• Assessment

This course has been mapped to the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 (Part 3), the Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009 (Part 4), and the CQC Guidance for providers on meeting the regulations. It also complies with Regulation 12 Safe Care and Treatment and Regulation 18 Staffing of the CQC fundamental standards are met.

This course is delivered on site, at the client’s premises or nominated venue.

Summary & Booking

This course is a half- day training programme in the use of an adrenaline auto-injector; it allows participants to achieve a basic competency in responding to anaphylactic shock. It is assessed by the tutor on the day. Candidates at the end of the course have achieved a competent standard in the administration of adrenaline auto-injector and recognise how to manage the condition. The use of adrenaline auto-injector is becoming more common and a requirement for an organisation that may have a need to use this equipment within its day-to-day operation.
Candidates will have an EpiPen and anaphylactic safety certificate that is valid for 1 year.

Duration: ½ day
Location: On Site: We come to you
Cost: £480 (maximum of 25 staff)


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