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Customised / Bespoke Training Courses

Customised Course Building Service

Let us build your course for you……….

We know that not all Care companies are the same and we know that you all have different needs. Whilst we are very proud of our pre-existing courses, for those that have specialist needs why not let us build your course for you.

We will design your course and map it to the relevant care standards from skills for Health, skills for Care and check that it complies with the latest CQC guidance.

We will also ensure that we customise your course for your target audience so whether it be registered professionals, care staff, registered managers, carers, volunteers or personal assistants.

We can prepare any course to suit the literacy and numeracy requirements of the target audience.

We can map your course and include a national qualification, for those that require dual qualifications. For example, for our Risks in Mental Health course, we also included the Level 2 Principles of Risk Assessment course to enable successful candidates to sign off their own Risk Assessments.

In addition, we will design your course to the level that you require, ranging from access/entry level to specialist postgraduate training.

You will then receive your customised training programme that includes your lesson plan, your PowerPoint and all handouts.

And of course, if you want, we can also deliver it for you by one of our specialist trainers at your venue.

For an informal chat please email your contact details here and one of our specialist team will get back to you.

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