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Assisiting and moving people,(manual handling of people) course

Assisiting and moving people,(manual handling of people) course, is often called different things by different people. However, it is all the same course, so you may hear it described as: safer people handling, assisting and moving people, or manual handling of people. Do not worry they are all different titles for the same thing.

What we are going to do is to teach you how to safely use a mobile hoist and how to safely attach two types of sling that are commonly used. These are an access sling and a full sling; we will also teach you about the legal requirements and the safety checks that you will be responsible for when hoisting somebody. we will cober slide sheet use and look at patient handing skills and 3 basic types of people rolls.

Please do not worry if this is new to you, one of the advantages of the e-learning model is that you are able to look at the use of the equipment in easy sections. For those of us who are refreshing our existing manual handling training, we will also be covering legal updates that you will be required to be aware of. As well as ensuring that your skills are up to date for today’s requirements.

Course Information

The course covers the assisiting and moving people, (manual handling of people) skills required. You will be required to be assessed as being competent to use of hoist and sling safely. In line with Skills for Care guidance which states
‚ÄėAssisting and moving people- Workers who need to assist and move people are required to be trained in such tasks. If annual face to face refresher courses are not yet assessed as safe, they can be undertaken online, and some observations of competence can be carried out physically in the same room by suitably skilled managers or virtually by a qualified trainer using video conferencing. If workers are not deemed competent, additional training will be required and this could be done virtually if required.
We highly recommend that employers risk assess this training to ensure that any aspects not covered as robustly as during face-to-face training, are mitigated against. Employers should also keep a record of gaps in training and ensure they are readdressed once face to face training has been assessed as safe to deliver again.’
What this means for you is that once you have completed the course, you will have to be assessed by either your manager who will observe you hoisting using a sling and safely transferring somebody and once they are satisfied. They will then be able to certify you as competent.
The second option is that the trainer will arrange via video conferencing to assess you as safe to hoist a person using a sling, safely transferring them to ensure that you are competent in the manual handling skills.

Estimated Time: 2 hours

Course Instructor

Linus Linus Author

Assisiting and moving people,(manual handling of people)


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